Thursday, March 29, 2012

Whale Shark's favorite

When I was in Oslob, Cebu for the whale shark interaction, the fishermen were feeding the whale sharks with krill, and the smell of the krill reminds me of something yummy, something which I always want to eat or something that is a partner for those viand na may sabaw. I'm referring to sauteed krill with tomatoes and green chilies, hmmmmm...yummy! Krill or alamang or call it minute shrimp is one of the favorite food of whale sharks. Despite the huge size of the whale sharks, they are just eating small creatures, but they ate a lot of it, maybe tons of it.

Krill or Alamang or Minute Shrimp

I always love eating this tiny shrimp, well, not to mention, I also love eating the large shrimp. I love seafoods and I would rather eat seafoods for 1 month straight than to eat meat for 1 week straight. Krill is a tasty seafood, it's somewhat salty and it has that what we call "langsa" in tagalog. It has that fishy taste. However, when sauteed with red onions, garlic, tomatoes and chilies, it taste so amazing. I can even live eating a sauteed krill as my lunch for 1 week straight, and maybe I was a whale shark in my past life.hahaha! 

Krill or Alamang

Anyway, krill or alamang is also one of the main ingredients for that hot Bicol Express. A mixture of krill, pork fat, chilies, coconut milk and other spices. So how do I cook Sauteed krill? Here's how I do it: First, pinipiga ko muna ang alamang para maalis ang katas nila, and in order to remove excess saltiness. Second, I prepare the other ingredients, the tomatoes, onions, garlic and chilies. Third, I sauteed the onions, garlic, chilies and tomatoes in the frying pan and then after that I will put the krill. I'll just cooked it and wait until it becomes somewhat dry, and that's it, it's ready to serve. That's how simple it is to cooked a sauteed krill with red tomatoes and green chilies.

Finger chilies


Red onions

Red tomatoes

The finish product

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